Agency Transformation

Live Event: 6th - 8th May 2020

Wellingborough, UK

What's the next problem you need to solve?

  • Generating quality leads
  • Converting existing leads
  • Coping with your workload
  • Growing your agency

Let's solve these together in:


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2020 confirmed speakers:

Lee Jackson
Hosted by Lee Jackson

Ready to transform your

design or web agency?​

Many of us started our agency by accident. We are surrounded by so many loud voices telling us how we should be running our business. It can be so overwhelming! How do you cut through all the information, and create a clear path to growth, happiness and success?

We have put together a line up of speakers and industry leaders who will give you clear and actionable advice and directions.

This conference is focused on the 5 steps of transformation in your business:



Understanding your identity as a business, the problems you solve and who you solve them for. This will drive everything your market, your offer and your messaging.



Recognising the value of your work and understanding how to charge for it. Understand and develop the skills to get the right information to get the budget nailed.



How to choose the right platform. The marketing channels, sales techniques and strategies you will be using to reach out and to attract those that you want to help.



Managing multiple projects and continuing to deliver high quality output. Learn from others the tools, processes and systems to help your business achieve excellence.



Develop a plan for your next steps. What do your next 90 days of transformation look like? What will your life and your business look like in 12 months from now?

Learn from the experts and other agency owners and develop your agency action plan for the next 90 days, 6 months, 1 year and beyond.

Who's it for?

Be you established, launching or solo, this event will help you transform your business.

Content will especially benefit: web agencies, design agencies, freelancers, digital agencies, social media agencies, marketing agencies, other creative businesses

What to expect

A conference filled with exciting speakers that will provide you with actionable advice and strategies you can use to bring about the transformation you want in your agency.

A fantastic location where you will be fed and watered. 


Here is what to expect in Agency Transformation Live 2020…

Day one

Day two

Day three

Focused on implementation this day will include a range of workshops as well as practical sessions where you begin to action the plans you’ve made as opposed to losing steam by the time you get home from the event! More details to follow!

Location information

The venue

I’m inviting you to join me where everything changed for me in my business nearly 5 years ago. Everyday Champions is my church and also a fantastic location for a conference based just 1 hour north of London and on many main train lines and near the M1 and M6.

Note: Ample free parking onsite

It is here I’ve heard amazing messages that have changed the way I look at my business and have used the content to transform my agencies. Where better to help others than where it all started? Be my guest and welcome home.

More information on how to get here >>

Local accomodation

We’ve chosen to have the event at Everyday Champions located on Havelock St, Wellingborough NN8 4QA. This is my hometown and the building is the church/conference centre that I used to rent an office in and where I learned amazing lessons in business. My company was transformed so what a fitting place to bring you all to my local area where we can plan your next transformative steps!?

Information on places to stay here >>

What they said

Lee has been providing online training, consultancy and content for years building up a wonderful community of legends. Here is what a few of them said.

Imogen Allen

Lee is a very caring and sharing guy, generous in giving advice, help, support and resources to grow your business and yourself. He has tons of empathy and patience and is always willing to listen. He is an inspiration as a mentor and teacher and I would highly recommend investing your time working with Lee.

Imogen Allen
Umbrella Digital Media
Oliver Martin

Lee has helped me identify WHY I do what I do, WHO I should do it for and WHAT I should be offering. I've gone from run down, almost beaten Oliver to the exact opposite. I owe him a great deal and I'm proud to call him my friend! I feel confident and empowered to make better business decisions and thrive.

Oliver Martin
Wunderful Designs
Florian Hogenfeld

Having Lee Jackson as a coach is a unique experience. He breaks down complex content eloquently, finds the right examples that everyone can relate to and opens eyes, minds and hearts of his listeners. Lee has the rare to find ability to give yourself the confidence to thrive and let your business grow.

Florian Hogenfeld
James Rose

I don't think I know anyone else so dedicated to making life more awesome for web designers and agencies. Lee has been instrumental in helping develop my business to the point it is today.

James Rose
Content Snare
Pete Everrit

Lee effortlessly delivers content and training in a relaxed style. He has the ability to explain complex and intricate concepts in an easy to understand way. Lee brings people together and building community through the content he delivers.

Pete Everitt
SO Group

Lee he goes deeper and wider to be sure to cover everything that will help us to succeed. His "sexy" voice make the all experience unforgettable. I highly recommend him to anyone who wants to learn easily.

Frederic Sune
WP Expert
Robey Lawrence

No matter what Lee’s venture is, I'd do business with him without hesitation solely because I know he's a genuine guy who works hard and does honest work.

Róbey Lawrence
The WP Barber
Andy Flint

Lee is a people person. He genuinely wants to get to know the people he does business with to better understand their wants and needs.

Andy Flint
Riffwave Web Design
Mor Cohen

Lee’s integrity and professionalism are unmatched. I trust him implicitly. He is his brand’s biggest asset.

Mor Cohen


Every attendee must be registered and have purchased a ticket. Please ensure you’ve purchased the right amount of tickets for your party.

The venue has a huge car park that will be reserved for attendees. When you drive to the venue one of our car park attendants will guide you in and get you parked.

There is also ample free parking in the surrounding streets and numerous free car parks around Wellingborough.

Yep! Complimentary Wifi is provided by the venue.

You bet ya! When Lee organises something, food is at the TOP of the list ;). We are using local suppliers to ensure we have a lunch buffet for each conference day. There will also be drinks available, and snacks.

YES! Content Snare are sponsoring a champagne reception after day one!

Any other drinks need to be arranged offsite at all the local pubs!

Drink responsibly please 🙂

Yes, if you are an Agency Trailblazer member then you get a 40% discount. Log into to register.

Yes, audio and video will be recorded of all sessions and keynotes. Workshops however require participation therefore they will not be recorded.

We will be adding any recordings to the Agency Trailblazer Membership in the future, as well as repurposing in ways we see fit.

Sales are final. If you can no longer attend, you are able to sell your ticket to a friend and inform us of the name change. You can also promote your ticket in our facebook group. We will be unable to change tickets after 17th April 2019.