Covid-19 updates

Last updated 18 March 2020 – 1053GMT

Notice from the Agency Transformation Live team:

We have released our official statement regards running ATL20 as a fully virtual event. Please read full details here.


18 March 2020 – 0813GMT

We will shortly be releasing details on making this event fully virtual for 2020 in light of recent events.

13 March 2020 – 1453GMT

An announcement has been released to all ticket holders with more information. You can view the details here. Thank you for the positive and enthusiastic response.

13 March 2020 – 0637GMT

Public gatherings are not being discouraged, whilst a good hygiene policy is being recommended. Agency Transformation Live will not be considered a large gathering, and we have been made aware of a small percentage of our delegates who will be unable to travel.

Therefore we are shortly releasing plans for our “Hybrid” event which will allow our physical event to take place for those who wish to attend, whilst catering for delegates also in a virtual environment.

This plan allows us to shift to an entirely digital model should gatherings or travel be completely banned.

12 March 2020 – 0826GMT

The PM here is due to announce extra measures for a “delay” phase. More details here. We are monitoring the situation and are adjusting our plans accordingly to facilitate the event.