Dave Toomey

Digital Entrepreneur

Dave Toomey started out as an agency owner by accident. As an owner of a new ‘bricks and mortar’ business he needed to boot strap everything including his website and his advertising.

After finding WordPress back in the 2.x days he quickly realised that he could design and build websites and that many local business owners that didn’t have the knowledge or skills could do with such a person to help put their small businesses out onto the ‘Googles’. So, after he successfully created a part-time web design agency, he did the same to he started to help those same businesses attract new clients using paid advertising just like he had with his own business.

Now he owns and runs a small boutique agency that runs traffic for his clients to properties he’s designed for conversions. His agency also does white label PPC for design and development agencies who wish to offer a more rounded range of services to their clients. A fan of all self-promoting media such as podcasts and live streams, he likes to relax by recreational poker with friends and supporting various sports teams.

When he has free time (yeah right) he can be found taking his young son to the swimming pool and indulging his wife’s lotto win fantasies by nodding a lot.

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