Gareth Morgan

Gareth Morgan is an elite performance and productivity coach and is the senior leader of the Everyday Champions Church. His unique content and coaching helps make his audience believe there is more in you than you think.

Gareth Morgan is an Elite Performance & Productivity coach building beliefs and behaviours that have a performance impact. A person will never outperform their self-image so Gareth can help you/your team develop a strong identity, clarify the impact you want to make & build your influence. Gareth is author of ‘The Winning Conversation’ a 66 day guide to changing your internal conversation that unlocks your greatest potential. His unique content and coaching will cause you to believe that there is ‘MORE IN YOU than you think!’

Gareth is currently working in professional football, business and the third sector to develop high performing cultures that unlock the potential of its greatest asset…people! Gareth believes that investment in people will reveal the true value and performance of a team/company.

Gareth has over 18 years experience in the third sector developing successful social enterprise businesses and founding ‘Everyday Champions,’ which is a strong multi-site church across the UK. Alongside his wife Leanne, they have developed an overarching structure that seeks to identify, develop and release leaders, enabling them to bring transformational change in the communities where they live and work.

Gareth also owns a personal development company called Personal Revolution Ltd. with a goal to train and release 1000 coaches. Gareth & Leanne live in Greenwich, London, with their three children Erin, Bethan and Reuben.

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