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Are basic 3-5 day web designs taking months because of poor communication with clients?

If you were to create a basic business website without a client, how long do you think it would take for you to complete it? We asked 500 web designers, and they all agreed it would take around 3-5 days max.

As soon as a client or stakeholders become involved, the 3-5 day build turns into a 4-6 week project, and that is being generous.

Some simple websites can drag on for an entire year or more, which can literally kill your profitability.

Why does this happen? We surveyed 500 agencies and they all agreed the main reason being the constant back and forth that occurs with their clients. When you are using 10+ tools to communicate with your clients, it’s not surprising this is the outcome..

Atarim solves this problem by fixing your communications: with your clients, internally with your team, with contractors…everyone! With features all designed for your specific use case, you can ditch confusing emails and screenshots and stop using outdated forms of collaboration.

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If only there was a simple way to collaborate with clients on web design

You get an email/Facebook message/SMS/Phone call from a client requesting a change on their website, but wait…What are they even asking for? Their first message was so confusing that you need to reply and find out exactly what they need, which results in an unclear screenshot being sent. 

A request that should have taken around an hour to complete, has now dragged on for 3 days waiting for your client to reply. Not only does this waste your time, it causes frustration on all sides, straining client relations and causing work to take way longer than it should.

By using visual collaboration via Atarim, you get all of the information you need inside the request, making it super easy for you to get the work done without needing to ask any questions (even when your client is super vague with their request), including: exact request location on their live website, automatic generated screenshot of their view, status and priority of their task, detailed browser and resolution information and more…